Director’s Message


The MBA, offered by the Institute subject the students to an overall transformation, training them to be better IT professionals, better managers, and moreover better human beings. The rigorous syllabus of MBA , designed by the Gujarat Technological University not only instill, in them, a passion for knowledge but also attempt to teach them how to apply that knowledge to real-life situations. The MBA lay emphasis on well-rounded personality development of the students and also in inculcating the values of teamwork and integrity in them.

Research at SJPI is undertaken for strengthening the knowledge base, relevant to management practices for the corporate as well as non-corporate sector. NICM Bulletin- The Journal of Management and Cooperation, published quarterly, is our official organ which publishes breakthrough ideas in the ever emerging and evolving processes of management, information technology, cooperation, and rural development.

Consultancy services are provided to various kinds of organizations, spread across different sectors of the economy, for solving their problems and upgrading their management practices. Most of our clients are from cooperative sector.

In keeping with the mission of the Institute,MDPs are conducted to help improve management systems by providing relevant training to senior executives in cooperative sector, corporate sector, , government and the non-government sectors. It is a recognition of SJPI’s (NICM) strength that one of the strongest inter-active global knowledge networks, Government Departments, RBI and all the cooperative organisations and several industries have admitted NICM as a full collaborator for education, training, research and consultancy services. The Institute has been accridited by the NABARD as well as BIRD Lucknow.

The Certificate Course in Management of Cooperative Societies is designed for mid/senior level managers of cooperative credit societies, to prepare them for professional management of cooperative societies and play effective leadership roles in the competitive business environment. The curriculum focuses on a strategic understanding of business, rooted in practical skill development through action learning projects and industry interface.

The Institute also recognized as “Agriculture Cooperative Staff Training Institute (ACSTI) and accredited by NABARD. The Institute also accredited by Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD), Lucknow as “Centre for Professional Excellence in Cooperatives-CPEC“. Both these centers at NICM undertake the training, research and consultancy services in the area of Cooperative Management, Agri-Business Management; leadership and entrepreneurship.

“Centre for Entrepreneur Development”, have been established by the institute to motivate the students to enter into entrepreneurship. Through this centre the institute tries to provide technical guidance to the students for establishment of own business.

The Institute organizes several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and provides the exhaustive opportunities to all the students to participate in and contribute. Regular student and faculty interaction with the giants from the corporate world is helping us in grooming our students into leaders and not just the managers of yesteryears.

World class library having more than 32000 books and 250 journals, computing and other educational and recreational facilities aid and enrich the process of learning.

Strong network of the alumni (3000+), its ambassadors, spread all over the globe, holding leading positions in industry and academia alike, are a testimony to the institute’s focus of nurturing individual actualization and the pursuit of excellence.

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Dr. B.K.Nirmal
NICM Gandhinagar