Vision & Mission


Vision of the institute is to create professional manpower relevant to management and cooperation specialization. The institute strives to provide innovative educational services of high quality to enrich students’ learning, create employability through skill enhancement and entrepreneurial abilities and an impacting personality in the students. The institute is keen towards regular and continuous faculty development and promotes research & development and consultancy in the areas of cooperation, management and rural development.


The distinctive mission of the NICM is to provide long term societal benefits through transmitting advanced knowledge in the fields of cooperation, management, rural development and computer applications, discovering new knowledge and functioning as an active working repository of organized knowledge. The obligation, more specifically, includes education, training and research in the fields of cooperation, management and rural development.

NICM shall strive to achieve this mission:

  • By creating professional managers with precise values and principles.
  • By raising the level of competence and skill of management professionals working in corporate as well as cooperative sector.
  • By undertaking action-oriented and problem-solving research and consultancy projects and acting as a think tank for the cooperative and rural development sector.
  • By influencing employers, policy makers and opinion formers on management & cooperation related issues.