Anushree Karani

Assistant Professor

Prof. Anushree Karani is working as Assistant Professor at SJPI- NICM from February 2017. She holds her bachelor degree in Business Management from Gujarat University and master degree in Business Management with Human Resource specialization from Gujarat Technological University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. from Pacific University. Prior to joining SJPI, she was working with MICA as a Research Assistant. Her academic areas of interest are Human Resource Management, Organization Behaviour and Strategic Human Resource Management.

  • Pursing Ph.D from Pacific University and submitted the doctoral thesis.
  • Master of Business Administration  (Human Resource Management) in April, 2012
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in 2010
Duration 02/05/2014-19/2/2017
Employer MICA-The school of Ideas
Designation Research Assistant
Responsibilities Assisting faculties in their regular classes (Including Paper setting, Paper checking, preparing course material and class notes for students). Invigilation during Exams Research Assistance to faculties as well as individual publications for self development.
Duration July – December, 2016
Employer Centre for Management Studies, Ganpat University
Designation Visiting Lecturer
Responsibilities Delivering lectures (Academic responsibilities)
Duration 1/08/2013- 28/02/2014
Employer Global Institute of Management
Designation Lecturer
Responsibilities Delivering lectures (Academic responsibilities)
Duration 06/07/2012 – 31/07/2013
Employer Calorx Teachers’ University
Designation Executive to Provost
Responsibilities Administrative responsibilities + Preparation of Teaching Profile including (Learning (Research & Analysis) Style analysis, Teaching Style analysis, Student-Content Orientation, MBTI) and Institutional Profile
  1. Secured 1st position in operation research & operation management subject in T.Y.B.B.A.
  2. Got 1st runner up position in event called “KAL AAJ KAL” (innovative product development competition) at S.K. Patel Institute of Management, Gandhinagar (Kadi Uni.)
  3. Secured 1st position in State level Summer Project Competition at Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management & computer application.
  4. Secured the 1st runner up position in event called ”Prarambh (Product Launch)” at Ganpat University
  5. Secured 1st position in the “Case Analysis Competition” at Sachalchand Patel Institute of Engineering, Visnagar.

Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Gender studies, Multi disciplinary areas of Management.

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  1. A research paper on “A study on corporate reward structure: An enemy of managerial development” presented at 18thNirma International Conference on Management.
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  4. A research paper on “Community Marketing: an effective Marketing Strategy” presented at 3rd International Communication Management Conference organized by MICA- The School of Ideas.
  5. A research paper on “Impact of Labour Law Reforms on Job creation Opportunities: an Exploratory Study” presented at 7th National IR Conference (FIRE@X) organized by XLRI- Jamshedpur.
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  7. 7.A research paper on “Assessing the impact of Women Deployment on Corporate Boardrooms” presented at 4rd International Communication Management Conference organized by MICA- The School of Ideas.
  1. Attended FDP on “Research Methodology: The Doctoral Study Perspective” held on March 23, 2014 organized by Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya.
  2. Attended FDP on “Research Methodology and Application of SPSS” held on January 24-25, 2014 organized by Kalol Institute of Management.