District human development report of Porbandar and Navsari districts

The Institute added to its versatility by taking up consultancy assignment of preparing a major Policy Document of Government of Gujarat in year 2014. Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society (GSIDS), Government of Gujarat Gandhinagar had entrusted on us the responsibility of preparing District Human Development Reports (DHDR) for Porbandar and Navsari Districts.

A DHDR is a key policy document for further preparation of District Human Development Plan (DHDP). Various key indicators related to human development were covered by a dedicated team of faculty members of SJPI-NICM in terms of chapters on Education, Health, Agriculture, Livelihood, Poverty and Vulnerability. The report was concluded with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) analysis. Considering the major strengths like richness of natural resources, infrastructure, and facilities of the district, future road map for development was critically evaluated in the report. Ways to overcome weakness was also discussed in the report. The report suggested useful measures to enhance the livelihood potential of the district, thereby encouraging self-employment, entrepreneurship and multiple job opportunities. Necessary action which could be incorporated to overcome the challenges was also discussed in the report.

The Institute made the final presentation on 23rd March, 2016 in the presence of General Administration Department (Planning), GOG, Gandhinagar. The same was highly appreciated by Ms. S. Aparna (Principal Chief Secretary), Shri D. G. Patel (Porbandar’s District Collector), Ms. Remya Mohan Muthadath (Navsari’s District Collector), Shri K. D. Vashi (Director of Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society) and other Government’s Line Department. It is a matter of proud moment for SJPI-NICM as the team could successfully complete two DHDRs within the time frame of just 1.6 years.