Guidelines to the Authors

Manuscript preparation guidelines :

Paper format MS Word
Size A4 Size
Margin 1 inch on all sides
Font Times New Roman
Line spacing 1
Layout Use a single column layout with both left and right margins justified.
Font size 16pt.and Bold for Title of the Paper, 12pt. and Bold for headings in the paper, 10pt. and Bold sub heading and 10pt. for text
Tables, To the extent possible Table/Graph/Chart should appear in the research paper near/after
graphs and charts Where they are referred in the paper. Each Table/Graph/Chart should be numbered and titled properly. Tables should be numbered in Arabic.
All tables, charts and graphs should be of visible quality, Wherever necessary, the source should be indicated at the bottom. All the financial figures should be indicated in Lacs or Crores, to represent the figures in simple way
Length of Paper 8 to 10 pgs (maximum)
Cover Page: The first page of Manuscript should be the title page, containing the title of the paper, the name(s), address, phone, fax numbers and e-mail address of all authors and acknowledgments, if any. Authors should not write their name and affiliations anywhere else in the paper.
Abstract Manuscript should contain an Abstract of not more than 150 words. An abstract should contain following headings, Purpose of Study, Research Methodology, Conclusion, and three to four   Key words.
Content of paper The ideal Research Paper should have following flow

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research Objective/Research Hypothesis
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Data Analysis
  6. Conclusion/Findings and
  7. References
References It is author’s obligation to provide complete references with necessary information. References should be in APA Format.
Copyright Once your research Paper/Article/Case/Book Review is accepted for publication then you will be asked to send Copy Right Declaration Form duly signed by all of the authors. Note: Copyright  wherever  copyrighted  material  is  used,  the  authors  should  be accurate in reproduction and obtain permission from copyright holder, if necessary. Article published in NICM Bulletin should not be reproduced or reprinted in any form, either in full or in part, without prior written permission from the Editor.
Download Copyright Transfer Form
Plagiarism Papers with more than 10% of plagiarism will not be accepted.